About Us

René BOUDET, who founded Geogas in 1979, brought an unparalleled experience with 40 years of leadership on the LPG trading and shipping world.
Since 1957, he had been pioneering the development of the world's LPG industry.
He was succeeded in 1986 by Jacques BOUDET.

Geogas has always emphasized keeping a worldwide, global and long term approach to its trading :

  • Worldwide: Geogas has term business on all 5 continents and has developed strong distribution networks in the Americas and Caribbean, West Coast Africa, the Meditteranean, the Middle East, Far East, Australia and Pacific Islands.
  • Global : Geogas is active on all types of markets, be it mid-size and large ships, small coastal trading or floating storage schemes.
  • Long term : Geogas enjoys very long term contractual relationship with most of its customers as its service approach and professionalism are widely acknowledged.
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